Villa Regina Giovanna is surrounded by the green of the olive groves and the blue of the sea......


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Guided visit to a marquetry workshop

One of Sorrento’s oldest forms of craftsmanship is certainly marquetry, a special way of working with wood which dates back to the first half of the19th century, and which continues today thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of local craftsmen. Accompanied by an interpreter, you are offered the chance to visit a Sorrento marquetry workshop and watch objects of rare beauty being produced. You can witness tiny pieces of wood being assembled, cut and shaped with minute attention to detail: an experience which is sure to take your breath away.


Pizza evening at the villa

A magnificent wood oven has been constructed in the villa courtyard, providing guests with the opportunity to spend a delightful evening under the Sorrento stars enjoying a delicious Neapolitan pizza prepared by the skilful hands of our chef. With the help of a translator, you can watch all the various phases involved in creating this well-known and popular dish, and learn to make it with your very own hands.


An evening of Neapolitan cuisine at the villa

If you are feeling too lazy to go out to dinner, but still want to enjoy the flavoursome dishes of the local area, you have no need to worry! Our chef will come to the villa and prepare you a typical Neapolitan meal, sure to leave you satisfied and contented.



Guided visit around Sorrento

In addition to the breath-taking views it offers of the Bay of Naples and surrounding countryside, Sorrento is also a centre of wonderful churches, monuments and museums, of both historical and artistic interest. Our walking tour of the town begins in Piazza Tasso, named after the famous poet, Torquato Tasso. A short distance from the square stands the complex of buildings which forms the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, one of the oldest structures in Sorrento. Next to this is the “Villa Comunale”, a public park which provides you with a spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples, including Vesuvius and the Island of Capri, particularly romantic and evocative at sunset. For lovers of art and culture, a visit to the “Correale di Terranova” Museum is definitely a must. This magnificent complex contains a wonderful collection of paintings, furniture, ceramics and archaeological relics, as well as many other exhibits related to the history of Sorrento. The tour continues with a visit to the ancient town walls, dating back to the Greek era and still intact in various places, from where we walk to the imposing Church of SS Filippo and Giacomo (Philip and James), the Cathedral of Sorrento. In the afternoon, you have free time to go shopping in Vico San Cesareo, one of Sorrento’s oldest streets, where you can buy a range of local products and craft objects.


Guided visit and wine tasting on Mount Vesuvius

Guided visit to the wine cellar of an estate extending for several hectares at the foot of the Vesuvius National Park. The land in this special area is entirely dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olives. The visit includes an opportunity to sample local products and to taste some of the estate’s fine wines.


Guided tour of an agritourism estate and tastings

Our guide will show you around a local agritourism enterprise, and then take you on a walk through the olive and lemon groves. You will also have the chance to watch “mozzarella” and “limoncello” being made, before sampling typical local products and delicious wines.



Guided visit to Mount Vesuvius

The visit takes you to Mount Vesuvius, whose eruption in 79 AD resulted in the destruction of the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. On cloudy, overcast days, you can only really admire the slopes of Vesuvius; however, when the sun comes out, the volcano is revealed in all its majesty, demanding the viewer’s attention and dominating the entire Gulf of Naples.


Guided visit around the ruins of Pompeii

The archaeological remains at Pompeii have long been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can witness the reality of life in this ancient town inhabited during the Roman era and suddenly destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. It is like a real voyage back in time.


Guided visit to Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii

A guided visit to Mount Vesuvius, whose historic eruption in 79 AD led to the destruction of the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. On days when the sun is shining, it is impossible to ignore this imposing volcano which dominates the whole Gulf of Naples. In the afternoon, you visit the archaeological remains at Pompeii, the world’s most popular site, and awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. Visitors can appreciate all the interest and beauty of a complete Roman town destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The fine mosaics, still intact, the Temple of Apollo, and the grand amphitheatre, all testify to the importance and opulence of Pompeii, prior to the eruption.



Guided visit to Capri and Anacapri

For anyone staying at Sorrento, a trip to the enchanting Island of Capri is certainly a must. The entire day will be dedicated to visiting this fascinating island, with its rich history and unique landscape. Our first stop will be at the “Villa San Michele” in Anacapri, the historic residence of the young Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe. From the belvedere, you can enjoy an amazing view of the entire Gulf of Naples. We then continue to Capri for a coffee break in the famous Piazzetta, the lively square which typifies the character of the island. After this, you can stroll along Via Camerelle, a well-known shopping street with many high fashion boutiques. Continuing on foot, you come to the “Giardini di Augusto” (Gardens of Augustus), a series of terraces overlooking the “Faraglioni” (sea stacks), and the Marina Piccola (Small Marina). You can enjoy a lunch of fish at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, you are free to do what you want.


Guided visit to the Amalfi Coast: Positano-Amalfi-Ravello

The first stop on your visit to the Amalfi Coast definitely has to be the belvedere at Positano, from where you can look down on the charming village with its huddle of little houses, extending from the main road as far as the beach. Continuing towards Amalfi, you come to Conca dei Marini and the wonderful Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto). On arriving at Amalfi, we visit the majestic Cathedral, dedicated to Sant’Andrea (St. Andrew), the town’s patron saint, as well as the adjoining cloister. The tour continues in the afternoon with a visit to Ravello, famous for its many cultural and musical events, staged mainly during the summer months, and for its two enchanting villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. From here one can enjoy a breath-taking view over the entire Gulf of Salerno. When you return from this delightful day out, you will bring back many unforgettable memories.


Guided visit to Caserta and Cassino

We leave early for the Reggia di Caserta (Palace of Caserta), the historic residence of the Bourbon Kings of Naples, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palace is surrounded by an extensive park, stretching for over 3 km, and containing many trees, fountains and small waterfalls. At the end of this visit, we continue to Cassino to see the famous Abbey, founded by St. Benedict in 529 AD.



Mini-cruise to Capri in our own boat

We leave Sorrento harbour in our own private boat. For an entire day, our crew will steer you around the crystal-clear waters of the Campania archipelago. This outing is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a day of total relaxation, sunbathing on the comfortable loungers on the deck and occasionally diving into the beautiful water of the Gulf of Naples. From out to sea, one can make out details in the landscape which are invisible when you are on land. For example, Capri has a jagged coastline with many small coves and sea-caves. During our delightful tour of the island, we will make several stops. The most important of these will be at the world-famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto); while another will be to see the Faraglioni (sea stacks), with an opportunity to take photos that will rival any postcard! In addition, we will stop several times to allow you to enjoy a relaxing swim and admire the wonderful sea bed. Before our return to Sorrento, you will have about two hours available to disembark and visit some of the most attractive sights on the island: the Piazzetta, Monte Solaro, and Villa Axel Munthe.


Mini-cruise to Positano in our own boat

You will leave from Sorrento harbour in our private boat. Steered by our crew, you can enjoy this special opportunity to admire the beautiful coastline between Sorrento and Positano. Our first stop on this amazing tour will be at Tordigliano, a lovely beach just north of Positano, offering a spectacular view of “Li Galli” archipelago. We will then continue towards that jewel of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, and here you can enjoy a very special sight. Viewed from the sea, this varied collection of brightly-coloured houses looks very much like a typical Neapolitan crib-scene! We will stop for about two hours for you to wander around the little alleyways with their many clothes shops, allowing you to admire the light, lively style of "Positano" fashion!


Dinner in a Sorrento restaurant and performance of the Tarantella

The flavours of the traditional Sorrento cuisine are utterly unique. For this special evening, we offer you the opportunity to sample some typical local dishes, dining in a Sorrento restaurant where the genuine quality of the food is matched by the expertise and dedication of the staff, whose aim is to offer complete satisfaction to customers. After dinner, you will go to the Tasso Theatre to see a performance of the Tarantella, a folk dance accompanied by castanets, tambourines and mandolin: a real anthem to the passion and expressiveness of the Neapolitan people.



Lunch and/or dinner at a restaurant in the Sorrento hills

Villa Regina Giovanna has arrangements with many different restaurants: some are in the centre of Sorrento, others are near the sea, and yet others are close to the Villa. Our guests can go to one for lunch, before an afternoon spent relaxing in the sun; or perhaps eat out in the evening, before enjoying all the busy social life of Sorrento at night.


Lunch and/or dinner at Ischia, Capri, or Amalfi

Villa Regina Giovanna has arrangements with various restaurants not just in Sorrento but also on Ischia, Capri and in Amalfi. You can sample a variety of meat or fish-based dishes made to traditional recipes, or try out inventive cuisine combining flavours from the past with new and original ingredients.


The tarantella

The tarantella is a Neapolitan folk dance which originated in the early years of the 18th century. The main components of this dance are: the music, involving wind, string and percussion instruments, and the song, with its dominant theme of love and expressive movement. The performance we offer our guests is made up of four parts, representing scenes in the daily life of the people of Naples.



Transfer by private minivan to and from the Villa

If you are arriving in Naples by air or train, we can book you a private transfer service to take you the Villa. Right from the moment of your arrival, we want to take care of you and make you stay special. The same applies to your departure. We will organize a transfer service to Naples airport or railway station to coincide with the time of your flight/train.



Are you on holiday with children? Don’t worry! Villa Regina Giovanna has this in mind as well. Indeed, you can request a baby-sitting service at the Villa for all the hours you wish. A kind, caring baby-sitter will look after your youngsters while you go out, or when you just want to time to relax at the Villa.